~ Brief Introduction ~

Dear Sirs,
With more than 15 years of successful Import and Export Experiences, Satisfactory Services, Quality Commodities with Competitive Prices provided to clients and remarkable relationship with manufacturers, P&K has been suppling materials and final products to various countries, such as Japan, France, South Korea, Malaysia, UAE, etc.
Having been dedicating to the development of new markets and new projects, P&K has been handling not only businesses concerning local manufacturers and foreign clients but also triangle and third countries' transactions.
With scientifically engrineered, experienced and knowledgable maketing sales men who can speak skillfully technical oral English and Korean, P&K has been ensuring to provide our Quality Commodities, Satisfactory Services, Competitive Price bringing their clients with considerable profits.
Owning the multiple power of trustworthiness, efficiency, services, informations, knowledges, P&K is always aiming at long-term mutual steady development together with their clients.
Thanks to all our clients & suppliers who always keep on bringing P&K with their grateful assistance and also thanks to whomever having interest in visiting P&K web site and feel free to contact us.
We can Do and our Jobs are:
1. Source and Evaluate Qualified and Suitable Manufacturers for clients to choose
2. Negotiate prices and finallizing Manufacturers with most Commpetive Prices
3. Manage Production Procedure and Lead Time
4. Manage the Quality Inspection either with clients or by P&K authorized by clients
5. Cooperating with clients under Commission Agent condition is also acceptable
6. Meet clients' other reasonalble requirments and transaction conditions, if any


Sincerely yours,


General Manager


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