~ China Cored Wire Injector,Injection,feeder,feeding machine for Cored Wire Processing in Foundry during Iron Casting Manufacturing or Steel Making Plant - Chinese Supplier ~


Product images of cored wire feeder (cored wire injector, cored wire feeding machine)

Cored wire processing Cored wire feeder Sandwich processing

Purpose: Apply to cored wire processing during ductile / nodular / grey iron casting manufacturing in foundry or steel making plant

Wire Motor Wire Feeding / Injecting PLC Control Model
Diameter Power Velocity Tolerance Method Yes Vertical or Horizontal
mm KW m/minute % Ways Memorized 100 previous processing data Apply for foundries or steel making plants
9/13/16 1 or 2 x 5.5 10~80 <1.5 One or Two Feeding Velocity, Wire Length, Wire Rewinding Length Presetable, Auto & Manual operation Vertical for foundries use, horizontal for both foundries and steel making plants
No Pollutions
2. PLC Control. Automatically calculating Wire Feeing Length by inputting initial base sulfur content of melt
  & melt weight, etc. (With our Uniquely designed Cored Wire Injector)
3. Less man power. One operator is enough.
4. High De-sulfuring Effect (Only with our Uniquely designed Cored Wire)
  Specially suitable for Cupola Metallurgy with High Base Sulfur Content (0.05-0.09%) of iron melt. Final Sulfur <0.01% after processing
5. High Magnesium Recovery Rate (40% to 50%) (With our Uniquely designed Cored Wire)
6. Dry Slag easy to be cleaned (With our Specially Uniquely Cored Wire)
7. Low Temperature Loss over Sandwich Process (Lower by around 20 to 40 degree centigrade)
8. Less Addition of wire also results in Less Si Addtion into charge. Silicon content can be easily adjustable. Low Silicon melt possible.
  It results in around 60% more returns can be added into charge (Sandwich process only around 45%) to Rreduce the Melting Costs.
9. High Nodularity ( >95%) (With our Uniquely designed Cored Wire)
10. High Ferrite Percent ( >90% for Cupola & >95% for Electrical furnace)
  High Elongation and Lower Hardness for casting (With our Uniquely designed Cored Wire)

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